My father introduced me to photography at a very young age. At the age of only six I spent a lot of time in his photo laboratory and developed my films myself. This passion eventually developed into my profession, which is my calling to this day. And so I have been working as an advertising photographer for many years very closely with companies and advertising agencies in Oldenburg, Bremen, Northern Germany, Germany, Sweden and throughout Europe.

I would be happy to put my photographic passion to the test for your company.


Not only do I have a studio with a wide range of options, but also mobile, power-independent studio and flash technology. This means that productions can also be carried out on-location or outdoors in an uncomplicated manner.


Graphic design:

By working for a media production company in the 90s, I started to set up the marketing department for this company. Here too, my father had been influential as a former art teacher. The department grew and over time also served external companies. In 1995 it was founded as an independent advertising agency in Emsland. In addition to photography were conceptual and textual developments and graphic work part of my tasks. In 2011 I handed over the company, which until then had almost 30 employees, to my business partner and became an director at EnorMedia in Oldenburg, where I set up the creative department.

In 2020, after many hectic years in the media industry, I decided to leave Germany and moved to beautiful Dalsland in Sweden. The advertising continues here, but smaller, finer and more contemplative.